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Deanna McNish спросил 2 недели назад

To many, learning to be a Professional Gambler will be a dream job, but can it be done? This article looks at how it really is possible to ensure success, and the traits and factors that the professionals have in common.

Among the first factors has to be establishing a betting bank that’s used exclusively because of this purpose, it must not be money which is required for day to day bills or bills and must be money you are prepared to lose. A popular way of establishing this initial bank is through matched betting, a technique where the bonuses provided by the online bookmakers are used to build a bank through risk free betting. It’s entirely possible to build up a betting bank running into thousands of pounds using this method.

It will then be essential to establish the portfolio of methods that you will be applying. Although horse racing is often the very first sport many think of whenever we talk about betting, most professionals will spread their risk across different sports, betting on Tennis, Soccer, Cricket etc. This has the effect of creating a managed betting portfolio much like how investments are made in the currency markets. The actual methods used will be a variety of tried and tested methods supplied by third parties, and methods that the professional has developed for themselves over time.

An essential component will be the psychology of the Professional. They must be able to take a long-term view of their betting activity and also by keeping accurate records be pleased to accept the inevitable ups and downs. The key to survival is the generation of consistent profits over time, not the daily results.

Following the creation of the betting exchanges, primarily betfair, a big range of the professionals i know include an element of trading within their betting activities. This implies they look to place back or lay bets that are then traded out for a profit before the event has finished, or even in many cases prior to the event has even started!

With that said, the obvious question is where to start, which can be the main stumbling block, it certainly was for myself! The internet is awash with “Guaranteed” winning betting systems that make the most outrageous claims of success. In my experience 90% of these fail to deliver. As an initial pointer I would suggest that you should look for some or all the following characteristics when contemplating a method to add to your portfolio:

Will be the previous results disclosed verified and checkable? Is there a real person you can contact( and also you should contact them as the quality of their reply will often give an indication of the person behind the system) Is there a trusted safe soccer and secure Money-back guarantee?

In conclusion, it really is certainly possible to make consistent long-term profits on a part-time or perhaps full-time basis from betting, myself and several others that I know personally are proof of this, but it is very easy to lose money if you don’t set about the process in the correct way. Please feel free to visit my website for a more in-depth analysis of several of the factors which will determine your success.